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Silver Clove Medicated Balm

Silver Clove Medicated Balm

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Medicated Balm used for the temporary relief of muscular and joint pain. Its unique formula is made by blending essential oils and plant extracts.

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Q. What is Silver Clove?

A. Silver Clove is a Medicated Balm used for the temporary relief of muscular and joint pain. Its unique formula is made by blending essential oils and plant extracts.

Q. What is Mother Nature's Secret Ingredient?

A. Clove is the dried flower bud from the tree Eugenia caryophyllus. The name of this tree translated from Latin means "nut leaf" and refers to the nut like flower buds; "clove" is from the Latin clavus, meaning a nail, and refers to the shape of the whole spice. Each tree grows to approximately fifteen meters.

The cloves then undergo a process of steam distillation to produce a thick colorless oil. Clove oil possesses antiseptic, counterirritant and anesthetic properties making it a popular choice for many toothache preparations over the years.

By blending the therapeutic effects of Clove oil with the essential oils of Peppermint and Cajuput we have been able to produce a highly effective product for muscular and joint use.

Q. Is Silver Clove just another Heat Rub?

A. The answer is definitely not. Silver Clove does not contain aspirin, methylsalicylates, NSAI, steroids or any other chemicals as found in most heat rubs.

Unlike other heat rubs Silver Clove does not burn when applied. Instead it feels cool and refreshing slowly heating the area to a comfortable level. Silver Clove is also concentrated so only a small amount is needed to provide hours of relief. It does not stain clothes or bed linen like many other balms.

To experience Silver Clove’s "Cool Heat" action and invigorating aroma take the test and rub a little on.

Q. Who can use Silver Clove?

A. 0ver 90% of the adult population experiences some form of joint or muscular discomfort.

Most rubs on the market work purely on the fast burn principle by quickly heating an area to very uncomfortable levels. This can prove to be a problem not only for the elderly with their delicate skin but also for athletes who need to focus on their chosen sport.

Silver Clove was designed to cater for ALL active people. From the elite sports person to the weekend gardener allowing them to get on with the job at hand without too much interruption.

Young or Old, no matter the type of sport or activity we share the same objective in life and that is to...

Keep Moving...



Camphor, Peppermint Oil, Cajuput Oil, Menthol, Clove Oil, White Paraffin base.

Registrations: Silver Clove is manufactured to exacting standards, in an ultra modern plant that complies with the highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) as set out by the World Health Authority and the Australian Government TGA Standards (AUSTR 51560).

Silver Clove is listed in MIMS AUSTRALIA as a substance permitted for use in sport.